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I’m lead product designer at Spoonflower, where thousands of artists sell millions of designs on an array of on-demand-printed products. I'm currently working on the artist platform, and prior my focus was the shopping experience. I also worked for many years with clients as a lead designer with the talented team at Viget.

Union Members App

Galvanizing union membership with a one-stop app for organization, communication and support
Product Design
This Is Quitting

Quit Smoking App

Helping young adults with their smoking cessation efforts via humor, empathy, gamification, and support
Product Design, Branding

SMS Concierge App

Giving hotel managers, employees, and guests a new tool to request and administer services easier and faster
Product Design

Smart Home Marketing

Helping a high-tech start-up with a premium product enter the market as a respected disruptor
Strategy, Branding, UI

Shoe Finder

Delighting shoppers with fun new tools for finding their perfect shoe
Strategy, UI
Hockey Hero

STEM Tablet Game

Using the theme and appeal of a professional sport to teach core STEM concepts to children
Strategy, Branding, UI
Foundations for Change

Philanthropic Marketing

Capturing the essence of billionaire "capital philanthropist" Chuck Feeney's life's work
Strategy, UI
Quark Games

Tablet Gaming

Capturing the energy and intrigue of two tablet gaming companies and their products in an exploding market
Strategy, UI
Seven Stars

Branding Projects

Setting brand direction for new, emerging brands and refreshing older, stagnating brands